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Car+Driving Enthusiast.
Photographer. (All photos here are taken by me)
Aspiring Lawyer.
Mercedes Petronas
#1 Ayrton Senna fan 

Alexander C. Klatt, Vice President and Global Design of Fisker Automotive handing James Glickenhaus the Best in Class - Early Ferrari award at the 8th annual Americana Manhasset Concours d’Elegance. He had to hand it back since there was nowhere to put it.

1947 Ferrari 159S Chassis Number 002C
Owner: James Glickenhaus

3rd Ferrari produced, and oldest Ferrari left in existence. http://www.cafespa.com/full_story.php?news=000034&title=The-Oldest-Ferrari-in-Existence&comment=on&f=5&t=26

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